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in our village

During your stay in Steni, you should not miss a walk to the most famous source of the village, the fountain which is located about half a kilometer from the square and is full of plane trees running water. Even the ascent by car to the highest point of the road will allow you to admire the excellent forest of Dirfis, in which one can walk along the rutted pathways and face the first the pines and plane trees, which give way to chestnuts and firs as the altitude rises.

-If the weather permits, visit the mountainous refuge of Dirfis at about 1100 meters and enjoy the view.

-At the end of July, you hold a honey party in the forecourt of the village school.

nearby excursions


Near the settlement of Kampia, is the cave church of Agia Kyriaki. Kampia are located close to Steni, in central Evia. It is a picturesque mountain village with running water and rich vegetation.
The cave church of Agia Kyriaki is built in a magnificent landscape. Running waters, waterfalls, plane trees, springs and small bridges complete the landscape. The temple is built at the entrance of a cave, with stalagmites and stalactites. At some point in the past, the cave collapsed revealing its interior. There was found the icon of Saint Kyriaki, which is kept in the church today. The temple was built at the entrance covering the cave. For this reason the sanctuary of the temple does not face the east, as is usually the case, but the south.


Eria is located near Kathenou, in the municipality of Dirfis, in central Evia. It is a place of unique natural beauty with running water, a river and waterfalls, under the shade of sycamore forests. At the entrance is the small Byzantine church of the Mother of God of Monomeritissa Ypapanti.


South of the settlement of Chiliados, in a green area, is the church of Panagia Chiliados. It is an old monastery, from which its catholicon, a cross-roofed church, and some cells still stand.  From the temple, its imposing volume, reminiscent of a fortress, as well as its wood-carved iconostasis stand out. You believe it was made by a continental craftsman shortly before 1900.


Near the village of Steni you will have the opportunity to find beautiful beaches overlooking the Aegean. Some of them are the well-known Chiliadou, Vythuri, Petali and many others. The first of them has sunbeds, while the other two you should go prepared as they are completely disorganized.

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